Download Time Estimate Tool

Download Time Estimate

This is a basic download time estimation tool, which is working with basic javascript and also a little math. You may estimate your remaining download time with this. You just need to enter file size in MBs. If you need to enter specific download speed, you may use second field. If you have no specific speed, you may just enter file size to see predefined values.

Data Field

Enter the value :


Enter the download speed as Mbit(This is not required for calculation, you may want to check values for different speeds below.)

Download Time Estimation Results

Your custom duration is :

Speed Duration
10 Mbit:
20 Mbit:
25 Mbit:
50 Mbit:
100 Mbit:
150 Mbit:
200 Mbit:
500 Mbit:
1000 Mbit: