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About the 1B4

1B4 Design is an alias name for freelancer Berke Akduman. Berke Akduman started to do his work back in 2013. The final name is evolved in 2020. 1B4 Design currently based on Istanbul, TR.

Specializations of 1B4 design generally include photography, stock photography, videography as well as digital branding, in addition to web design and coding.

HDR moon shot of Berke Akduman

In digital design, logo design, logo design with slogan, visual designs suitable for websites works are carried out. For coding works, wordpress interface, html and php infrastructure works can be performed.


Projects of 1B4

Avcılar Tanyıldızı client logo, website and branding

Avcılar Tanyıldızı


Works Done: Wordpress based website, branding
Category: Sports
Year: 2018 -
Link: avcilartanyildizi.com
Some Info: Website was done as a replacement from old html work of pre-1B4 design. Based on tweaked Wordpress environment. Also new logo design and rebranding is done. The site is still evolving these days.

AntikAtölye client logo image



Works Done: Wordpress based website, branding, photography and videography
Category: Cafe - Coffee Shop
Year: 2017 - 2018
Link(Archive and not fully functional): antikaatolye.com
Some Info: Website was done as a tweaked Wordpress environment. Also logo improvement and instagram photoshoots were done. The site was closed due to owners decision to not renew hosting package.

AntikAtölye client logo image
Payam Sani client logo image

Payam Sani


Works Done: Wordpress based website, logo
Category: Photography
Year: 2020 - 2021
Link: Inactivated by client with unknown reason
Some Info: Personal website of photojournalist Payam Sani. Website was done based on tweaked Wordpress environment. Also logo design and rebranding is done.

Two actors are sitting on backside of the van in Primer Movie

Primer Movie Analysis - HTML Sample


Works Done: HTML and javascript based sample template
Category: Selfwork
Year: 2018
Some Info: This is a sample HTML works. Also used in this site as a template. Totally coded from zero. Contains solid javascript applications.

Two actors are sitting on backside of the van in Primer Movie
Avcılar Tanyıldızı website and branding

Movie Bot

Details Deleted

Works Done: HTML, Php mixed project
Category: Selfwork
Year: 2018 -
Link: MovieBot
Some Info: Php and HTML based self project. Just made for fun.

Buy Stock Images

If you need or curious about the stock images you might want to check links below. If you have Adobe Stock account you may just simply download the images. If you want superior works you may want to check out licencing options on GettyImages. Please note that due to Adobe Stock Policies images are not available on some locations. If you facing this problem please contact to buy these images.

Photography Gallery

If you curious about more photos and artistic images, please check out the my personal 500px account. This gallery mostly contains artistic photos. If you have questions about it, you can use DM or direct email.

Contact Form

For custom design projects, wordpress, html or any website development works, please use the contact form to communicate with 1B4. Also you may ask for custom photo works.

If you have any questions or any recommendations you are welcome to use our contact form. If you want to directly send mail to us please use [email protected].If there is any problem with form please send direct mail from your mail provider to inform me.

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